We entered The Wedding Industry Awards at the end of our busy Summer season last year and we made it […]
We have had such a wonderful Spring/Summer 2018! We have catered for all size weddings from 40 to 150 guests. […]
We got the opportunity to work with Joe Lenton earlier this month! His work is visually so exciting and professional. […]
In March this year we were very lucky to work with Joe Lenton, a Norfolk based professional photographer who took […]
We were featured in the wonderful Feast magazine this month! If you have not had chance to grab your self […]
On Saturday 18th February we catered for a Medieval Banquet at Barn Ruche, Watton. We followed recipes from the 1300's […]
catering norfolk norwich food outside CRAB
A beautiful combination of local crab & lobster served with a crab smothered crostini. K&M 
catering norfolk norwich food outside
Matthew created a new dish for a magazine article and thought it would also be a great addition to our […]
catering norfolk norwich food outside
We have several functions every month and the latest request was for Pork, Potato & Stilton Pie. We serve it […]
We have been experimenting with various scallop dishes, we wanted to stay away from the obvious way of serving them […]